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Introspective Design, Experimental, Frontend Development
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ReliaRocco is a web service born in January 2021 to quantify the reliability of Rocco Punghellini.

In this space, the customer can ask for any support through our chat, and Rocco will be happy to help them sort out their issue.

If you want to know more, you can read the full interview here.


In the pre-dystopian era of performativity, virtual identity, social credit, and empathetic algorithms, ReliaRocco emerges as a platform housing two distinct realms: one centered on design as a persuasive tool, and the other focused on the designer as a multifaceted, organic individual. Within this juxtaposition, the project unfolds as an initial exploration of two key concepts: 'mimetic design' and 'introspective design.'

The core concept behind ReliaRocco is a customer service chat that remains consistently active and is meticulously overseen by Rocco Punghellini. This idea stemmed from a personal need for recognition based on reliability. However, the notion evolved into an aesthetic and linguistic exploration, utilizing visual design tools to transform internal tensions into a quantifiable product based on objective criteria such as response speed, availability, kindness, and service effectiveness. Originally, the goal was to objectify this condition, making it more tangible and therefore easier to address.

In the intersection of design and introspection, mimicry arises from adopting a visual system and user experience inspired by other contexts, such as online therapists, wellness platforms, and corporate websites. These elements are repurposed to create an environment that, in ReliaRocco, thrives on ambiguity. By deliberately not revealing the project's aims upfront, it allows time for the conflict to gradually unfold during the user experience.