ClientLouise Gholam
Frontend Development, UI Design
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Website for the French-Lebanese DOP and videographer Louise Gholam. Designed and built by me using Astro for the frontend, and Sanity CMS for the backend.


When I approached this project - a digital portfolio for a young creative, we agreed that it should be built in a modern, simple, and sustainable way. This means that the website should be effortless to maintain and update while being performant and lightweight on servers.

The choice of the frontend framework came while looking for static framework solutions when trusted friends at TILT recommended Astro. The process was smooth: the theme could be maintained in a few files being almost written in pure HTML syntax and could be easily implemented to make API requests to Sanity.

As for the backend, I chose Sanity because it was the right mix of performance, ease of use, and flexibility. The website is deployed statically on Netlify.