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E-commerce for the Swiss publishing house Bodiless Editions. Designed in-house and developed by me and Daniele Polacco using WordPress / WooCommerce for the backend and the store, and Nuxt for the frontend.


The choice of the store came directly from the client, and to integrate efficiently Nuxt, we used WordPress in headless mode. The advantages of this choice were great flexibility in crafting the frontend, and the possibility to generate the website statically, which in itself brought several advantages: very little load on servers when users request a page, and improved performances. Additionally, the client could manage independently the backend without the risk of compromising anything related to the custom theme. The requests to the backend were addressed with GraphQL.

Before this website, I had already worked on custom CMS and had a little experience with JavaScript frameworks (Astro) and the core concepts behind them. This project ultimately made me familiar with the concepts of reactivity and render optimization, component-based programming, and the use of GraphQL. Tailwind CSS was used to maximize the pace of development, but looking back at this choice I see the drawbacks of such an opinionated library when it comes to precise customization.